Nails as Procrastination…MFA Problems

This afternoon in an effort to put the brakes on some editing I decided it was the perfect time to take off my toenail polish. It’s hung in there since my birthday in October; the fogged out purple color, named British Mist or something like that, growing out rather than chipping off. My toenails had begun to look like they were British Mist-tipped. 

After removing the polish and clipping the nails I dug around in my lacquer stash and noticed something, I really like the color purple: the color, the movie and the book! Different hues of purple are my equivalent of the bold red; it’s my power color. It never struck me before. Then today I’m rustling around in my nail basket looking for a color to dazzle my eyes, (I like to watch my fingertips flash over the keyboard at work), and I see a trend, purple. Out of seven polishes, five are some variation of purple: Bastille My Heart and Louvre Me Louvre Me Not (OPI); Let’s Talk (Sinful Color or SC), the deep purple by Butter of London, and a shimmery light purple by Sephora. Then I notice I have a neutral trend: two Essie lacquers both Limo-Scene. I literally just now realized I duplicated my efforts and bought the same one twice thinking they were different. Classic. 

The moral of this story is I know what I want when it comes to my nails. I’ve tried some nail art to glam things up but don’t have the patience for it especially since polish on natural nails tends to chip relatively quickly. 

My only wild child polish is OPI’s Gone Gonzo (that’s right thee Muppet Gonzo), a concentrated blue sparkly concoction of blue and silver glitter. It’s tons of fun to wear but a raging bitch to take off; the glitter digs into your nails and resists remover. 

Thanks for procrastinating with me; I guess I’ll get back to twerking (auto-correct said tweaking but I preferred tweaking here- hey auto-correct don’t be such a goodie goodie) my finals for school. 

Afterthought: I think the names of my colors reveal a bit about me too: the whole French thing with the Bastille and Louvre…I’ve always wanted to visit France, in fact it was my dream to live a year abroad in Paris. Let’s Talk is what I do all day long at work, talk talk talk, and what I like do in my free time. Then we’ve got Limo-Scene. Who wouldn’t want to be on the limo-scene, driven around by someone, able to spread out with all of your peoples and pop bottles?

Now for real, I gotta get some more work done!

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