‘Sonic Memories’ & Silences

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Anna Nguyen for her podcast Critical Literary Consumption. We talked about my book, “Sonic Memories & Other Essays,” MFA programs, & how silence is its own sound. Check it out below. ‘Sonic Memories’ & Silences

Bits of Joy

Image via HBO IG: Lovecraft Country Episode 105: "Strange Case" cover by Salena Barnes (@salena.barnes) This past weekend I had the great pleasure of putting together a 10-minute podcast segment for The Inner Loop Radio's Quarantine Inspiration Series: Unearth bits of joy with Cija Jefferson, nonfiction writer and host of Writers & Words, a Baltimore …

In Honor of Earth Day

LA—the land of sunshine, beaches, and palm trees—was only five hours away but Rachel and I had been driving since sunup. It had been four days since we left Pittsburgh on a one-way cross-country road trip. Tomorrow was the beginning of the rest of our lives, but tonight we would sleep.

On Growth

@ Black Girl Glitter, 2017 #subdued selfie You wouldn't know it by looking at this picture, but it represents a particularly tumultuous time in my life. And why am I writing about this today? Because Facebook sent me one of those 'remember this?' moments in my timeline and it made me reflect on where I …

Summer in a Bottle

What's more summery than soft-serve? New piece up at Linden Avenue Literary Journal. Excerpt: I hold these moments in my heart as carefully as I would a firefly cupped in my hands. Summer captured in a bottle is a wondrous glow of pure magic. Summer is Maryland humidity, thick heat, and swampland. It is central …