Fresh Single


2 weeks post breakup

I’m fresh single. My dude broke up with me at the end of May and I haven’t seen him since. This summer we’ve talked three times for a total of about 10 minutes and most of our text messages have been all business: shared bills, returning apartment keys, and scheduling times to pick up belongings. We started dating in 2006 — and minus about three years of a long-distance friendship — have been together ever since. The struggle is real. My heart interprets his silence as a comment about my worthiness. My brain, says Bitch, get a grip! Read the rest here


ocean view

Being on vacation has its perks: being off work, at the beach, and having the time to follow interesting story threads on Twitter. I landed on a few good pieces today, but there was a section in this particular Q&A piece posted on Create & Cultivate entitled,  How One 28 Year Old Phenom Got Recruited by Arianna Huffington—about Callie Schweitzer, a 28-year-old entrepreneurial spirited journalist—that piqued my interest. Callie was asked what skill she’s developed over time. Her response, “A big part of what we’re focused on at Thrive is the idea that we don’t have different selves for our work lives and personal lives — that we bring our whole selves with us wherever we go. So one of my favorite things about working here is that we can be free to be open about our “sacred time” — the time you need each day/week/month to be your best self…” I’ve never had an ongoing professional experience where I was encouraged to take sacred time for self. I’ve worked with exactly one manager who has allowed me to be me and not try to convince me to conform to company culture.

I’m currently obsessed with developing a creative life for myself where my work is my life, meaning I’m getting paid for all of the things I enjoy doing for free, therefore it doesn’t feel like work. This snippet right here is another signpost on my path whispering, what you want is possible but you have to create for yourself. So I’m going to brainstorm and use Callie’s quote as a litmus test to clarify if the choices I’m making are serving my purpose. Now if I can find a way to be at the beach more often than not, then I’ll have made progress.

I’d love to hear your thoughts:

  • Are you working in an environment where you can be yourself 100%?
  • Are you supported in taking sacred time for self so you can bring your best self to the job everyday?

Sonic Memories Book Review

I was recently blessed with a fab review of my debut book Sonic Memories from Yellow Arrow Publishing.

Here’s a little taste:

“It’s happy hour on a Saturday. Cija Jefferson and I order fried chicken sandwiches and pile into a booth at a neighborhood bar in Baltimore. My one year old is diving under the table and over the seat in constant motion. Luckily it’s only us and the bartender so she avoids getting trampled./ We’ve come here to discuss writing and being a writer and her book, Sonic Memories.” Continued here…