Afternoon Delight

It all started innocently enough. I took a walk to the Sound Garden during lunch… then I saw this little gem:


Words can’t express my hysteria seeing Mr. Hanky aver scarf, on the easy chair (not melting) by the fire. This image is definitely a throwback. I just might have bought this foolishness if it was 0.99 just to hear what a Mr. Hanky Christmas song sounded like. I didn’t even know he existed beyond South Park.

After buying Motown and Phil Spector presents…Christmas albums I started to walk back to the jobbie, then wandered into Su Casa where I salivated over this:


Then I saw these, now I want a wall of clocks, they could run or not, I don’t really care, well maybe as long as my blurry one above works:


After wishing that someone would buy me almost everything in Su Casa for Christmas, I headed back out into the real world (i.e. back to work) and looked down and saw this:


When I got home after work, I checked my phone and saw I took mad randoms, just like that assignment in Creativity class. I was getting ready to trash them and relieve some pressure on my available gigs, when something said take a look, most were the same image so I’ll give you a taste of each:




I don’t know what this last one is but I can’t trash just because I have no clue.

Just wanted to share a little photo-essay of my lunch break. Ciao!

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