The Mobbies: It was an honor just to be nominated…

Pic: Outside the Creative Alliance

…said through tear-stained Tammy Faye eyelashes and running mascara. I want to thank thee academy…

Seeing my Mobbies ranking this week made me want to break into the snow dance that Drake does beside the car in the “Started from the Bottom” video. Ok, so it’s not THAT serious, but I’m eff’ing excited y’all! It’s time for me to crack open my bottle of red. I want a celebratory sip for my Mobbies ‘best personal blog’ ranking which would NOT have been possible without all of my peoples and friends of my peoples representing so lovely for me. 

The Mobbies, Maryland’s outstanding blog awards – overseen by the Baltimore Sun – held an award ceremony at the Creative Alliance (awesome artist collective, non-profit, gallery space, theater) this past Tuesday. I didn’t win first place but I’m ecstatic about the results; rankings were posted the next day and yours truly ended up in 5th place out of 31 nominees in my category. I’m especially proud because I didn’t know I was nominated until I stumbled across it while Googling my blog (don’t judge me, i wasn’t at home). My discovery came a week after voting opened so I was already working at a deficit; because of all of you not only was I in the game, I was a viable contender.

Thank you all!!!

J.G. and Lily get special mention; J.G. for letting me know The Mobbies exist and Lily for nominating me on the low. 

Now if you want a visual of how I felt when I saw my ranking and how much I appreciate y’all check out Drake’s snow jig; it’s my gift to you:

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