Legends of Summer: The Concert I Almost Didn’t Attend Because of Post-Vacay Fatigue!

Gettin Ready! I’m a sucka for red, so I was already entranced.

Jammin’ off!

Trayvon Tribute: Forever Young closed the show, look at the fireflies.

I typically loathe arena-esque concerts but this JT/Hova mash-up was legit! I wish I could store the images in my brain forever. Less than 24 hours later I find myself desperately trying to corral the memories but there was just too much good stuff to keep it contained!

For starters, as much as I like to hear a new artist it was a relief the show opened with a DJ instead. Dude handled his biz and even had the courage to mix Bel Biv Devoe’s Poison with Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Next up was the dynamic duo opening with Holy Grail. The seamless call and response vibe of each performance felt like there was some grand wizard dj in the sky. Which leads to production quality…Yooo, it was ill! Like how I finessed some 80s & 90s urbanisms? But nah really, the order of the set, the stage design, light production, just the whole dayum thing shivered my timbers. Plus these dudes were just at ease and truly seemed to take real pleasure in performing with each other and for us.

Ok, so on top of the swanky, sexy, kick-back vibe of this concert it’s location was also outstanding…M&T Stadium home of the 2013 Super Bowl Champs!!!! Boo-ya-ka! We chilled under God’s ceiling enjoying the humid sticky night with breezy reprieves and a light dusting of rain.

I have to thank Miss Tinisha for inviting me to share this unforgettable experience with her and her hubby.

I know there has to be a Legends of Summer DVD soon; I can’t wait to cop one and relive the experience.

For now it’s on to ‘Picasso Baby’ On Demand. I’m verrrrry curious

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