Two Year Blogiversary: Check out My Top 5 Posts!



Cija’s Quips turned 2 today!

That was the message I received yesterday from Tumblr and I have to admit I was ecstatic. I was shocked to realize I’d actually been blogging for 2 years! My life has changed quite a bit since then and only for the better! In honor of this special occasion I have pulled 5 of my personal favorite posts. If reading these inspires you to want to read more, click on archives.

Without further ado, here they are in the order they were first posted:

  1. Awkward Moments– My reaction to my white girlfriends (back in high school) always hooking me up with the token black guy 
  2. Jeggings, Leggings, and Tights Oh My– My rant about this fashion epidemic that won’t quit, still relevant.
  3. Music Muses– Do you remember your first vinyl, tape, and/or cd purchase? Here I recount mine.
  4. I Heart Miss Piggy– My ode to one of my fave Muppets, Miss Piggy.
  5. A Chicken Box and a Hug- My recounting of a friend’s snarky response to the chicken-box, a Baltimore “delicacy”

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