Summer Has Finally Arrived!

Last week I finally completed my first year of grad school!!! Summer school has come to an end and with it the stresses of learning Adobe Creative Suite. I don’t naturally take to technical stuff although once I learn something, if I can use it often I’ll lock it in. 

As if summer school wasn’t enough, I also moved at the peak of creating my final project which involved InDesign and Photoshop. A basic misunderstanding of a tool in Photoshop dissolved into a mess of tears. I sat in my small office amidst mountains of clothes, carelessly piled shoes, and flattened moving boxes pressed against the wall with tears streaking my cheeks. I was surrounded by chaos and my spirit flagged under the pressure.

We moved the last weekend of June. Thanks to my b.f. and younger brothers the actual moving of things was smoothed out like a rusty door hinge doused with WD-40. Good thing, since my attempts at a seamless Comcast transition was the opposite. To avoid flashbacks I’m going to move on.

Fast forward to now and that rough patch of moving is in my rear-view. Now I’m slowly adjusting to discovering that I have about 3 weeks to whoop it up for the summer. I started last weekend with happy hour on Friday, Artscape (my fave Baltimore festival and where I got my first healthy dose of sun) on Saturday, and relaxation on Sunday. 

It’s early yet this weekend; it’s Saturday afternoon. As you can see from my previous posts I’ve been trolling the web for fascinating stories. Now I’m debating if I want to choose today to go to Hampden to visit my favorite boutique or perhaps take a 30 minute drive north to visit the fam. I don’t feel compelled to do much since next week I’ll be in LA with my girls, the beach, fabulous food and no mosquitoes. 

Summer has just arrived for me and the weather couldn’t be better, mid-80s and no extreme humidity. What will I do with my weekend????

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