The Weekend CROSSOVER: Thanks EPMD

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I am so dayum happy it’s Friday I don’t know what to do with myself.  I’ve been workin hard all week long plus school has started back up. My new schedule has frankly been kicking my ass.  Not to mention not realizing that a month long break between semesters miiiight not be the best thing…. I’ve fallen off my personal writing and instead been focusing on writing essays for my memoir class and magazine articles for my mag writing class. In both I have to adhere to a form and tell a story that has focus, nothing like the freedom of my blog. By the time I’ve finished up reading and writing I have nothing left for fun. That has to stop! Ok, ok, let me be honest with myself I know good and damn well I spend my ‘no homework’ nights watching Real Housewives and every original series on Showtime and HBO.

The other day at work my girl asked if I’d watched EPMD’s Unsung on TV One. I was like nahhh, not yet, I don’t even know if it recorded. I forgot about our conversation then she asked me a couple of days later, adding that I would be surprised by how many songs I’d recognize. So finally last night, while cruising my DVR for something of interest to watch I remembered her recommendation and found the episode. First let me tell you that Unsung has caused my iTunes library to expand; every time I watch the dayum show and see an artist I love or didn’t know I loved, I download a song or an album.

Watching EPMD’s piece, I was reminded how Parrish Smith and Erick Sermon were deep in the hip hop scene for quite some time. They also put on rappers  Das EFX, Keith Murray, and crazy ass Redman who makes me laugh and wince every time he hits the mic…I love his music. Anyhow I kinda subliminally knew all of this stuff, but watching EPMD’s story I was blown away by their success right out of the gates and then their sudden end due to some CRAZY shit! I don’t want to go into detail here in case you may want to check out On Demand and see for yourself.  

Check out the videos for these classics:

Crossover (this was my favorite!!!)

So Wat Cha Sayin (message to the haters, I learned that from Unsung, video starts at 26 seconds)

You Gots To Chill

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