Kid Cudi as Inspiration

I’m working on an assignment for my memoir workshop class about my relationship to my generation, X. Writing this piece I’m gravitating toward music which is fitting since the older Gen X’ers have been around since the inception of MTV. I was struggling writing this at first because my ass has been kicked by a cold all weekend long but then I logged on to ol’ Spotify and saw the last song I listened to, Just What I Am  by Kid Cudi. I’m always attracted to a song first by the actual music, the lyrics come later. The rhythm of this song is expansive and emotional. In this song, Cudi is personifying the whole self-implication thing, laying himself out there for all to see. His voice, even the plaintive robotic refrain, IIII neeeed tooo smoooke, tied in with the quick slow rhythm of the music gives me chills. I’ve had this song on repeat for about an hour and it’s given me the push I need to get a draft of my homework completed. I love it, music is the cure people!

Check out the video:

Just What I Am

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