Big-ups to the RAVENS!

The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl y’all! Don’t be salty, fans of other teams; this is a major boost for the city of Baltimore. This city is frequently portrayed as a dusty urban zombie wasteland with little to offer beyond the Inner Harbor. Now of course I know that’s not the case, but this is for all the haters and doubters including all of those NFL commentators who frequently put down the Ravens.

I can’t pretend to be a football fan; in fact I prefer basketball. I happen to be a Baltimore football fan because I live here and the football culture is an intrinsic part of this city, aaannnd because if I don’t my man will disown me. Neither of these facts detracts from the excitement of last night’s game. The first half was brilliant and that 108 yard Jacoby Jones touchdown rendered me temporarily speechless.

The first half breezed by in a flurry of excited text messages, followed by Beyonce’s performance, the highlight of which was seeing Destiny’s Child back together and then all of a sudden the BLACKOUT.  I spent 30 nervous moments watching our team stretch and look at the ceiling, slowly losing their momentum, I wondered would this mess us up, slow us down?  Finally the second half started and that cool off period did set us back, a bit. While the 49ers came alive it looked like the Ravens might slip into the abyss, giving away their hard-earned status. Through strategic plays and a lot of good fortune, the Ravens managed to claim a victory 34 to 31.

Oh yeah and how could I forget RAY LEWIS! How beautiful to recover from an insane injury, announce your retirement, make it to the playoffs, win the playoffs, and then win the Super Bowl! Congratulations Ravens and big-ups to Ray Lewis!

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