Hoooolllllaaaaa Citttttyyy of Squaaaaallla…or Groupon Fail

So my title, or the first half of my title has nothing to do with what I’m writing about today, however Chang’s little ditty that he shouted on the elevator inThe Hangover 2was priceless and I’ve been known to yell this randomly throughout any given day. Now moving on to my big Groupon fail…

How many peeps out there have done the unthinkable? Spent your hard earned bucks on a ‘discounted’ item on Groupon only to not use by the stated deadline and go from saving a buck to donating money to ‘for-profit’ entities? Well folks that has become me. So what had happened was months ago, probably 6 months ago, I was a Groupon virgin and decided to pop my proverbial Groupon cherry and ‘get in the game’. It seemed as if everyone around me was sharing their Groupon stories, talking about how great it was that they bought a dinner for two for $30 at Ruth Chris (I totally made that price up) and how they had no trouble whatsoever redeeming said dinner. I’ve had folks talk about buying 2 for 1 movie tickets, discounted snowboarding lessons, a nice weekend getaway for half the normal price…I don’t have to list it all here, you already know, so I decided to get in on the game. I spied a local Baltimore Groupon for the Fashion Attic a lovely little consignment shop in Fells Point. Being the extra-planny person that I am I read all of the small print, I pride myself on that, and even went so far as to think about plugging the deadline into my phone…except I forgot. Not to worry, over the months I dipped into said Fashion Attic several times and took my time searching for that one-of-a-kind item that would make me feel like a fashion maven except the clothes just looked boring and not so interesting…minus the size 7 Marc Jacobs pumps that were awwwwweeeesooomee but a friggin size 7, my hooves are size 10 dammit! I digress though, so after several run-throughs during the winter months I decided perhaps I needed to step-away, stop acting all needy, and allow some time and space before I approached the scene again. Well I guess that was a good plan had I plugged the Groupon expiration date into my phone, but since I didn’t. So I was randomly sifting through my purse when I stumbled across….drum roll…you guessed it, the Groupon or wait to be more precise the expired Groupon. The worst part about this is that the Groupon had literally expired a couple of days before my discovery. Sigh. Unfortunately my working with students who are constantly requesting me to bend the rules to their will has made me follow rules/guidelines a bit slavishly. There are a school of people who believe it is your God-given right as an American to waive personal responsibility and ask others to adjust to the fact that you did not choose to follow directions which I don’t agree with (of course unless some emergency has occurred), therefore I make sure to not be that person. So what the haile does that mean? It means NO I didn’t bother to try to guilt them into allowing me to get my $40 worth of clothes/accessories for the $19 I actually spent. Anyone else have a failed Groupon moment to share or am I out here by myself? (insert side eye)

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