It was the summer of 1989…

…I was getting ready to head off to high school and had to get my student id and the above picture was the result. Check me out! I had an anti-climatic tilt (meaning not up to Salt-N-Pepa standards) , one of the popular hair-dos of the 80s but I thought I was fly especially since I planned to kick in the door of my college-prep Catholic  high school and let errrbody know what time it was! Look how hard I was smiling! I was soooo excited to be out of 8th grade and on to the next phase of my life…I even had my grown-up black Hammer pants, short electric blue bolero-like jacket with black accents and pointy black patent leather tie-ups avec wide ribbon shoe laces…sigh…I thought I was sooooo fly! I am so glad no picture of that exists anywhere;  I’m also forever grateful that although I now get to really experience the internet in all its glory that it did not exist on a universal level back in my middle school/high school years or else I would be chopped and screwed

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