Je ne play myself pas: Vacay or no vacay, that is the question!

I’d like to open today’s post with the Go-Gos song ‘Vacation’ (link to video below if, heaven forbid, you are too young to know who they are)

With adulthood comes responsibility-at least that’s what other adults like to say, but up until now I’ve chosen to buck against that notion. Let me explain. Over the past few years I’ve blithely run up some credit card debt, roughly about 3800 worth, and recently, in a nod toward adulthood have stopped spending on this credit card (mercifully my only one, store cards are the devil!) and instead been steadily paying over the minimum monthly amount. My slow but steady ‘rabbit and the hare’ approach to payment has finally started to yield results and now temptation in the form of vacation has reared its ugly head flashing a mirage of me summer-skin glowing, strapless flowy white cotton cover-up swirling around my calves, crisp cold Mexican beer bottle covered in tiny little melting ice chips sliding over my fingers and bright blue waves cresting in a white peak collapsing on the shore and ringing in my ears. Ahhhhhh, I can feel my spine extend just thinking about it, so what is the problem? Well ladies and gents, the fact is, adulthood decided to kick in randomly; I wasn’t even searching for it! How dare it crash my ‘que sera sera’ party…seriously I just want to throw caution to the wind, charge this plane ticket and be done, but for some reason my gut keeps telling me, ‘don’t charge the ticket, don’t buy until you have the cash in your bank account’. Sigh…although I’m glad there’s a trigger inside of me that prevents me from impulsive behavior, I’m a little sad to see my immaturity fade, I mean dayum I woke up this morning and still didn’t have the urge to just buy the ticket. Right about now I’m hearing the opening of LL Cool J’s classic ‘Going Back to Cali’: the squawking horns and deep scratchs underscoring my ongoing indecision…I can see the air bubbles above my head, ‘should I, shouldn’t I?’ Yes, decisions, decisions, good thing in the grand scheme of life this decision is not that deep, but I’m happy to see I’ve matured and don’t plan on financially playing myself anytime soon.

Treat yourself to some early MTV music video throwbacks:

Going Back to Cali:


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