It’s the Little Things…

Don’t you love when things work out perfectly for you? It’s always fantastic if something really major works out like owing money to your college and still being allowed to walk in the commencement ceremony (my school was gangster about that, but I made a compelling argument and strutted my stuff on graduation day); but you definitely have to give credence to the seemingly ‘little things’ that can make your day! While at my desk today at work, one of my co-workers and partners in crime was asking around for a soy sauce packet to go with his lunch-I wish all of ya’ll could have seen the happy smile on his face, I mean dayum his whole face lit up to the point where I had to say something. He shook his head and said, “It’s the little things”. That got me to thinking…what little things have made me happy and changed the course of my day for the better?

  • Heinz ketchup packets- notice the use of the word Heinz? That’s important! B. Hayes and I agree that some of those off-brand catsups (wtf is up with that spelling anyway?) turn brown in like a month…ugggggh! Anyway, I’ve picked up fries at lunch, forgot to grab some ketchup packets and been pissed when I made it back to my office. You see I love ketchup on my fries and if the fries are sub-par I definitely need the ketchup to mask it so stumbling across a Heinz packet in my desk drawer is a happy moment. Note to self: If fries are sub-par, maybe don’t eat them…
  • ‘Gone Gonzo’ from the special edition Muppet OPI line-as soon as I discovered a special edition Muppet polish line was introduced around the holidays, I immediately began my quest, however, so did everyone else in the Baltimore metro area. I even trolled the OPI website to see if I could order direct but no such option. Initially I wanted to have something of Miss Piggy’s, particularly ‘Divine Swine’ or Pepe’s ‘Purple Passion’ but alas no luck. Everything changed recently on a trip to NYC; I was at a nail salon and while my nails were drying I spied a cluster of Muppet colors and jumped up asking the owner if I could buy from their stash. All they had left was ‘Fresh Frog of Bel Air’ and ‘Gone Gonzo’. I copped them both for my mother and I respectively. As I type this I’m looking down at my flashy blue disco nails and am finally satisfied. I feel like Indiana Jones when he reaches through that small ass crack to grab his hat; all is right with the world.
  • Discovering a new song on a cd you’ve had for years- While randomly listening to my iPod and forcing myself NOT to forward songs, I’m finding there’s a whole lot of music I haven’t even listened to but have owned for ages. Case in point, ‘Dolly Dagger’, I am now keeping this on a loop so I can glean all the words. ‘Dolly Dagger’ sounds like a pretty bad-ass chick, but I won’t know her story until I give this song a couple more listens. I discovered this song on my best of Jimi Hendrix album. I have no idea when this song was first released although I guess a little internet perusal could solve that mystery.

I’ve shared three small things: packets of ketchup, nail polish, and discovering a new song…what are the seemingly small things that put a big fat smile on your face and change your day for the better?

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