Fresh Air and ‘Veggie Tales’

Me and the fam tromping through Brooklyn

Fresh from a rejuvenating yet busy (thanks Mezei;-) out of town trip to NYC this past weekend, I am feeling more physically apt, or to be specific non-sedentary, which is of course because you walk everywhere there…and when you miss your subway stop AND there are ‘technical difficulties’ on the track you gotta hop off the train and walk back which can add up to miles of trekking. Couple all of this with some amazing food that included some fun vegetables and I’m thinking perhaps I had better keep the good times rolling and continue good habits that are inherently built into the fiber of a walking city like NYC. Quite the ramble I know, but it’s all true. My challenge now is to walk more, which in Baltimore is definitely not as interesting unless you count stumbling across a Weeble Wobble (code for heroin addict) mid yoga-like forward bend, forehead hovering graze-level above the concrete. Now that I’ve painted a picture for you, you can see I’m not inspired to walk all around Baltimore primarily because this, unlike NY, is a driving city and ‘a lady loves her comforts’.

So my vegetable mention above needs some elaboration; I must diversity my vegetable intake or HOW I cook my vegetables. I’m discovering that I no longer have a strong desire for meat everyday (no worry to my carnivorous friends-I still love my cow and pig) but I can’t sit at a table with the same pile of steamed vegetables day in and day out…that just makes me more susceptible to eating pizza or something loaded with cheese…my future health depends on me loading up on greens so here’s where you, my faithful reader, come into play. Please oh please send me any interesting vegetable dishes; however, please do not send me any dishes loaded with butter and cheese and all of the things that make the vegetable a garnish. For instance, I love green beans and had some amazing green beans at a Thai restaurant. The beans were served steamed covered in a rich deep brown savory/semi-sweet sauce. The sauce was just thick enough to coat, but wasn’t so thick that the beans were mired in it. Those beans jolted my taste buds alive, the flavors all clamoring on my tongue for my attention and finally seamlessly intertwining to satiate my desire for flavorful vegetables. For FYI purpoes the following vegetables are on my ‘I just can’t’ list: asparagus (oh how I wish I loved them), brussel sprouts and cauliflower. Any of your suggestions, whether it be specific recipes or websites with tastee vegetable recipes, are welcomed.

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