Behind a Window: Stairway to Heaven


nowme takes the pics; i write the stories*

Sunday drives are tradition in the Hernandez household. “Audrey, Eddie, Luis! Vamos!” I grab my favorite book, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and dart out the door. Mom tugs a pigtail and giggles as I run past.

When we pull off, I look up at our building. “Look Daddy,” I say, “doesn’t it look like a giant’s ladder?”

“Baby girl, that’s the stairway to heaven.”

Today the sky is a murky aquamarine, the clouds pregnant with rain. I wonder if God is hidden above, watching me. Daddy’s plastic rosary swings from the rearview mirror. We begin today’s adventure.

*Behind a Window: NYC windows, 100-word micro-stories

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