Donna Tartt: “The Goldfinch”

I believe my mother was the one who bought me "The Secret History" from the library. This book was my introduction to author Donna Tartt who is known for releasing a new book every ten years. I live for these moments; Tartt is such a superb author you can’t get mad at her timeline. Her ability to paint a world you feel you are a part of is remarkable.

Her next book “The Little Friend” did not receive as much acclaim as the first, but I really got into it and in fact preferred it to the first. A colleague and I have been discussing this book and the need to go back and revisit the story.  My attraction to “The Little Friend" is all about the dialogue, that rich southern dialect.

I have happily pre-ordered her new book prior to even knowing what the story is about, because Tartt is that good. I do the same with two sets of musicians: The  Roots and Coldplay. I can’t wait for my book to come through. Not sure when I’ll get a chance to read it since I’m in school but I will savor it like a piece of my mother’s homemade apple pie!

Donna Tartt: “The Goldfinch”

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