Living for the Citay: Creativity View


Thanks to my creativity class I’ve been taking more notice of my surroundings from different perspectives. All of the above pictures represent places I see every day, and in the case of the picture with lights, every year during the Christmas season; but the angles are new to me. I rarely stand across the street and look at my building, but doing so revealed a building shaped differently from the rest of the rowhouse style buildings on this block. In the case of the winter roses, I typically don’t look through the rosebush toward my door; I always stand directly in front of the rosebush since when I notice it, the weather is sunny and the bush is full. Neighbors one block over always hang this ceiling of Christmas lights over their front door and connect them to the pole immediately outside of their carriage house. I don’t like to stand directly under them for too long since the front door is right off the sidewalk but I couldn’t resist snapping a pic as I walked by. 

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