Not So Olympian Feats

Hi everybody!  This week was very eventful for me, which is why this is my very first blog post in the past five days! I spent the week working my arse off at the jobbie ‘errry day errrry day’ (say it like Drake) and then hitting the gym while I still have access. My most eventful moment of the week was yesterday because I finally wrapped my 8 week corporate fitness challenge (hence the aforementioned ‘still have access’ comment) and boy was it rigorous and grueling mostly because of how sedentary my lifestyle has been during my late 20s and all through my 30s. I’m so dayum happy I completed this challenge and that I won an MVP award for consistently showing up and working hard, following an idea through to fruition has not been my strong suit in the past for things I’m not required to do, so this award is especially sweet for me. I’ll definitely be posting more about this later; I’m just too exhausted (and just getting home) to go deep into this and this moment deserves to be recognized, I want it frozen in cyberspace forever as a reminder to me.

So after yesterday’s grueling finale workout, I segued into meeting up with some of my girls to check out the latest in comedy at a downtown club. I was entertained by the menu due to a major spelling error (check out the picture above) and then, with the exception of one poor comic was well entertained. You guys there is nothing worse than watching someone bomb on the stage…actually yes, there is something worse, admitting to bombing on the mic and then asking the audience to help you out. I couldn’t even watch because I knew he was just as flabbergasted by what was happening as the audience was but, like a fish out of water he flailed and flopped around the stage until finally the dj turned up a song I can’t remember and when the hapless gentleman still kept going the dj, more aggressively this time, turned the volume way up and the punch line to his last joke fizzled like a spent firework. Mercifully the other comedians saved the day and I can only hope this other comedian finds his way because really, it does take courage to get on that stage.

In other sadder news I learned a friend’s mother passed away  (we love you  J)L  We all heard about the passing of Sally Ride, the first female astronaut, and finally the death of Sherman Hemsley  who I call my  ‘tv daddy’ since he was probably most famous for his role as George Jefferson and due to the ‘oh so imaginative’ minds of middle school kids he was presumed to be my Dad. Of course nobody realllly believed that but I was mercilessly teased about George and Weezy being my parents. My retort? Well at least if they’re my parents I’m rich! I vividly remember watching The Jeffersons with my father; I also remember preferring that show to Good Times since I felt good times was about being poor and I already had real-life experience in that. As the years have passed I still love The Jeffersons especially the theme song but I’m far more understanding about Good Times and have grown to love that show as well, but this isn’t about the debate between the two shows rather it’s a final shout-out to Sherman Hemsley the man not the character.

Finally after not caring one way or the other whether I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics I find myself typing this while glancing at the screen. I’m so cynical these days but I managed to be blown away by the pomp and circumstance of this event. I’m in shock right now seeing the James Bond scene with Queen Elizabeth…I’m buggin’! Why are they tryna act like she actually jumped, hahahhaha! Can you tell I’m in ‘real-time’? Anyhoo Danny Boyle, of Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionare fame did the damn thing directing these opening ceremonies. The energy was awesome , very fast-paced, very detailed just an orgasm for the eyes.

So I now leave you with you the following image, me with my glass of bubbly, my salad, and much later the cupcake you see above. I will be toasting to my less-Olympian feats of fitness as evidenced by my certificate. Seems counter-productive to have champagne and a cupcake after my fitness challenge but what is that phrase…ahhhh yes, everything in moderation…I’ll only drink half the bottle tonight.

Enjoy your weekend!

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