Fresh Single

2 weeks post breakup I’m fresh single. My dude broke up with me at the end of May and I haven’t seen him since. This summer we’ve talked three times for a total of about 10 minutes and most of our text messages have been all business: shared bills, returning apartment keys, and scheduling times …

My Drunk Aunts

I stumbled across My Drunk Aunts, this hysterical mini web-series a couple of hours ago and now I’m mad I’ve watched them all. If you want a serious cackle follow the adventures of Tish and Lizzie; I’ve decided Lizzie is my favorite!My Drunk Aunts

Mike Epps as Charles Ramsey

Http:// @djdes Tv Comedy TOO SOON? – MIKE EPPS AS CHARLES RAMSEY! [INTERVIEW SPOOF] We all know Mike Epps aka ‘baby powder’ is special but here’s another reason why…total geek fest!!! EnjoyMike Epps as Charles Ramsey