Living for the Citay: Window Detritus

Ahhhhh once again I’m reminded why living in a city is sooooo worth it- random garbage thrown under the grate of my window. Here we have an empty Gevalia box, a presumably empty LifeStyles condom box, and several empty styrofoam takeout items all blown into a leaf drift. On the same grate I’ve seen someone  allow their dog to get positioned to take a shit, until I banged the window mid-poo and scared the poor dog into sucking it back up the chute. As cruel as it may sound, to me it’s cruel to even imagine looking at my window as some dog poo fossilizes and clings to the grate.

On another occassion the b.f. witnessed an older ‘gentleman’ get out of his car and throw some papers into the grate; deciding this was a battle he felt strongly about, he decided to run outside and confront stranger. He asked if he would want somebody to drive to the suburbs and throw trash on his lawn. I guess dude was too scared or shocked to answer, in fact he might still be high-tailing it, like a cartoon character running over a distant hill, to this very day. 

I just had to share since I was absentmindedly pulling the shades when I noticed this mess and it pissed me off. The worst part is that it’s easier for that crap to get in the grate then it is to get it out! Anyhoo, such is city life and still, despite all my various rants about living in the city, there are enough raves to keep me here.

Ya’ll have a fantastic night and hey, celebrate Biggie, today would be his 40th birthday. My favorite song is ‘I Got a Story to Tell’, find that joint in your collection or head over to Spotify and have a listen.

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