The Pharcyde: The Group and My Job Today

So my work day ended in a burst of proverbial flame when one of my students decided to end a phone call with the comment, ‘you talk too much’, are you effing kidding me??? Did you just call my dayum phone and ask me a thousand and one questions which all led to a dead-end forcing me to gather together your tidbits put on my Nancy Drew cap and try to figure out the best way to ‘assist’ you? YO! Needless to say she needs to speak to a manager because my response, ‘are you talking to me like that when I’m trying to help you’ or something like that offended her. Admittedly my favorite part of my job is listening to the words people say, taking their clues, and putting together the puzzle of what the real issue is. This particular individual definitely provided me all of the requisite information. After writing copious notes in her record and wasting about an hour of my life on the issue I bounded out of work into the beautiful day I managed to miss since not once did I go outside…not a practice I recommend. Clearly my earlier plans to hit up the laundry mat were not going to work on such a beautiful evening and after staying late at work to wrap up my research on the aforementioned individual. I decided to swing into Whole Foods where I grabbed some salmon and mangoes deciding to make a green salad with salmon, chopped mango and homemade salad dressing. The whole time I’m in the grocery store I’m debating about what I’m going to watch on the tube tonight and decided it was imperative for me to go to Sound Garden and buy season 2 of Downtown (downton) Abbey, my new addiction. Since the b.f. is at work tonight I can watch in my private little bliss…he might watch but without the same passion I have. After grabbing tonight’s activity I sidled past the used hip-hop section of the store back-pedaling to eye-ball what was on deck, boy was I happy when I stumbled across The Pharcyde’s LABCABINCALIFORNIA cd. If you don’t know about The Pharcyde and are looking for some crazy ass high times antics start with BIZARRERIDE which is probably best known on the radio (back in the early 90s) for the song ‘Passin Me By’. A lot of peeps I knew were disappointed with LABCABINCALIFORNIA but not me, honestly both records were totally different but the first one was so off tha hook that I think folks couldn’t wrap their mind around labcabin. If you like underground Cali hip-hop (like Souls of Mischief, Abstract and Aceyalone) you will also dig The Pharycyde; find em on Spotify and listen to all of their music. Check out these videos to get a taste if you never heard them before or to enjoy a nice little flashback:



…oh snap just rewatched Drop and saw a posting from one of the dude’s in Pharcyde stating that Beastie Boys popped up in this video in a brief cameo…

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