Things That Pissed Me Off Today…

  • There is nothing more infruriating then thinking the thing you are saying is important, sharing it with someone, and having them not remotely acknowledge what you said…to protect the not-so-innocent this individual shall remain nameless
  • Having a perfectly nice yet needy individual call me at work today (someone who needed my help) and work through every possible scenario she could with me for 40 minutes. No sweat yeah? WRONG! She proceeded to call me directly 2 more times today, which did not include her conversation with another couple of colleagues. Did she make progress on what she’s tryna get done? Absolutely not! My last call with her was ¼ of ‘time to get off work’ and she wanted to take a walk down memory lane and drag me like a reluctant dog with her…nah son!
  • Traffic! It is officially ‘First Thursdays’ again aka ‘a live band plays up the street in a local dog-park so folks have an excuse to get drunk on beer under the late-setting sun’. Unfortunately any change in traffic pattern causes suburban folk who work in the city to lose their dayum mind and be clueless as to how to navigate traffic.
  • Finding out that something I volunteered to do (gather submissions from multiple colleagues for a publication) was submitted by me prior to deadline and confirmed as a go but was not published…oh yeah and we all know unlike online, when something goes to print, there’s no correcting anything until the next bi-annual edition.

That’s it…if I have to think too hard tryna come up with something else (like I started to do) then it’s not authentic. Overall I did not have a bad day but I sure had several special moments that threatened to send me over the edge just like Toonces the Driving Cat. In case you are not familiar with this old-school recurringSaturday Night Livecharacter check out the link below AND in other news say it ain’t so-SNLis done??? Sad times but I’ll have plenty of good memories…without further ado an episode ofToonces:

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