The Good Life…yep like that Kanye song!

Once again total swirl of thoughts brought on by my fabulous night out with a new group of ladies in celebration of a mutual friend’s bachelorette party and a 2+ hour long conversation with my older brother who always inspires (although I’m sure he doesn’t think of himself as an inspiration). Thanks to him saying he’s striving to not give in to procrastination I decided to write a little something before nap time. 

I’ve had a really great couple of days beginning with one of the things I hate to do, until it works out for me, i.e. shopping. I rolled with my homegirl on lunch break to the Party Dress store in Fells Point which typically does not disappoint in style but frequently does in size. Honestly I have no idea if the fellas have all of this size angst while shopping (feel free to weigh in) but women undoubtedly do whether they have a hard time finding pants that are long enough, don’t have to routinely be hemmed, or that aren’t low rise which is especially annoying if they are work pants (think the plain black, grey, or navy pair seen often in an office building/business park near you). The low rise phenomenon seems never-ending at this point; the reality of the situation is that this little low rise furor began circa the J-Lo, ‘don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m just Jenny from the block’ time period. For whatever reason those joints haven’t cleared out of malls yet so to avoid having to go back to the store and return unwanted merchandise therefore stealing valuable minutes off of your life,  be vigilant about reading tags and the radius between button and actual crotch of the pants…if the zipper is mad short you know it’s a wrap. So to get back to the lecture at hand, thee aforementioned shopping trip began as a lunch break walk-along which led to my purchasing a lovely structured (I’m big on structure-my opinion, if you are 12 and up then there’s a need for structure and a good cut) sleeveless double-breasted military style above the knee belted black dress. I can’t credit myself for finding it, the salesgirl must have overheard me lamenting the fact that the dresses were all L not XL because out of the blue she pops up like ‘what about this’, I hate the general cheery ‘hi-how ya doin’ from the young salesgirls (is there a more appropriate title that I’m not aware of?-just a thought) so I’m all ready to belike ‘yeah, I’m good-NO-I don’t need any help’ that is until my beady eyes landed on the dress. Yeah so I sucked up my little defensive attitude and grabbed the dress to inspect it, found nothing wrong with it, so tried it on, still loved it and the best part was it was 50% off AND I can wear it now with some tights and rock that joint in the summer! So I have a randomly amazing shopping trip under my belt and I believe several factors played into the success: short time period, no time for my indecisive Libra ass to think and rethink and talk myself out of it and no pressure, I wasn’t trying to shop for a specific event so I didn’t care if I found anything or not and POOF I did.

So on to Friday, my day was a bit harrowing but by the evening all the worries of the day melted away and softened my jagged edges largely in part because I dined in a beautiful setting with an interesting group of women-most of whom I didn’t know- all who came together for a bachelorette weekend celebration.  We went to Pazo which I typically like strictly for happy hour because the drinks are fantastic and the place is absolutely gorgeous, almost like an airy Moroccan tent with deep red hues everywhere, overstuffed couches in rich jewel tones, brocade wrapped lounge chairs, and candlelit tables. When we first got to our table I was excited because it felt adult…which sounds weird for me to say at 36 I mean really…but the table they put together for us was generous allowing us plenty of space to not be crunched up on each other. Champagne/Prosecco…something white and sparkling was already flowing which definitely made me feel festive; once I had my first sip I think my spine straightened up a bit and I became quite cheery. Combine all of this with ambience, everyone being on time and all the ladies being chill made for a stress free positive upbeat evening.  Ice was broken in 2.5 seconds, conversation was delightful and there was a definite camaraderie. We even bonded over Whitney’s passing, singing some of our favorite Whitney songs, not caring that some of the more ‘genteel’ patrons were eyeing us suspiciously. We luxuriated over our meals and drinks, finished off with some pretty amazing desserts, my favorites being a lemon crème brulee-esque dish and a sundae, topped off with an after-dinner cigarette. After that  some of us self-pronounced old ladies:  aka I got up early to travel, I got up early to take care of my kids, or I got up early to work today, decided it was finally time to turn in and re-up for tonight’s festivities: dinner at City Café (yum) and dancing at Red Maple. On deck in the ‘what to wear tonight’ department, is the afore-mentioned black dress, so it all ties in. For now this ‘old lady’ is about to take a brief disco nap since she decided to get up early this morning on her day off.

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