Rainy Musings

Well, I’ve had no original content since last week’s laundry lament and this week at work has been quite the burnout so I haven’t been inspired to write my usually lengthy ramblings. Despite this I do wish to share some of today’s random musings in a list…

  • For those of us who were R&B/Hip Hop fans of the 90s, then you have to be familiar with Teddy Riley’s ‘new jack swing’ style and therefore aware of the trio Guy…which leads me to wonder how they came up with that name for the group, but which I really don’t care enough to research. Nevertheless I loved Guy’s self-entitled first album. For the second time this week ‘Groove Me’ came on the radio when driving home from work and I turned it up both times!
  • Attempting to sing Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ song at the top of my lungs (also in my car on my drive home from work) and falling woefully short, then cackling to myself for even trying. I know Adele’s past this song and probably this album but I still drop a tear and get goosebumps when I hear her sing it live.
  • Consignment shops are just fancy names for thrift store. Note: I’m feeling a little bitter because I read blogs and magazines about everyone else finding these amazing items; I even try to go at different times and space my visits and I keep coming up with zilch…
  • …which ties into ‘I hate the mall’, I really do, it’s a prime example of trendiness aka sameness which reminds me of an earlier blog post of mine entitled ‘Champagne Tastes, Kool Aid Money’ (see archives-August)  where I discuss my desire to be one of those chicks who can have a private fitting at a boutique complete with champagne and some ‘just for you’ items for my delectment.
  • My brother moved to NYC to work for L’Oreal (Soft Sheen Carson) and lives in Brooklyn now…I’m so proud and selfishly happy that I have a free place to stay which is major in a city where even shitty hotels are crazy expensive. I’m also excited I get to try out hair products…speaking of which, what’s up Mezei?
  • The rainy weather has literally put a damper on the day.
  • I can’t wait to watch my DVR’ed episodes of Real Housewives ATL and Orange County (the OG of the series)…Bravo here I come!

So yeah for real, all of these random thoughts ran through my mind at some point in time today, hope you enjoyed my musings. Before I wrap up, one thing I forgot to mention is the thought that turned into me searching YouTube for my favorite muppet mash-up, Bert & Ernie’s rap video layered with MOP’s Ante Up. This video uses classic (think 80s) Sesame Street clips that match up to the lyrics of Ante Up. You would swear Bert & Ernie were really rhyming. Anyhoo, I believe this video was made in 2008, but it’s so good I come back to it time and time again, give yourself a good chuckle and big-ups to whoever originally created this masterpiece. Without further ado Bert & Ernie present Ante Up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21OH0wlkfbc

…oh wait, did I just hear m’effin Fievel again, ‘must-kill-destroy-stress’!!! (if you don’t know, I’m quoting Organized Konfusion)

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