Say No to Post-Holiday Blues!

So I woke up yesterday around 9:30 a.m., New Year’s Day, and decided I wanted a steaming hot cup of coffee and not the budget coffee I had in my fridge so I set out to take a walk up the street and cop a cup. Unfortunately the coffee was disappointing but my walk was quite the opposite yielding an abandoned trail of New Year’s Eve detritus. As I walked I looked at the Christmas holly and wreaths wrapped in string lights, now impotent in the bright sunlight of the day without the benefit of the night sky to highlight their twinkle and felt that familiar surge of wistfulness that always steps on the heels of the passing holiday season making one wonder, ‘where did the time go?’ While I felt myself heading for the slippery slope that is the post-holiday blues, sunlight caught an object on the ground reflecting directly into my eyes drawing my gaze to the ground where I noticed a foil-silver rosette attached to a headband (pictured above). I smiled trying to imagine who wore this fanciful headband and wondering if the party she attended was the New Year’s Eve of movies (always fabulous in the end). I snatched my phone out of my pocket and snapped a picture, blues crisis temporarily averted; I now had a new project called ‘signs of a party or partying’. I kept my eyes glued to the ground looking for more abandoned stuff, all I saw was half a slice of pizza with jagged teeth marks on the end like someone clearly drunk and ravenous had attacked the slice due to the uninspired buffet at the overpriced New Year’s Eve party. My theory might be flawed though because if I was ravenous because I was drunk I would have eviscerated that pizza. As I bypassed the pizza, I looked up and noticed a couple holding hands, each had a cup of coffee and were leaned in on each other in an intimate conversation, I wondered what their New Year’s Eve story was. I decided due to the early hours (it was 10 a.m. after all) and their fresh-faced, non-haggard demeanor they must have gone to an intimate gathering with good friends, where the need to siphon liquor like you may never drink again isn’t necessary. By this time I made it to my destination, grabbed my coffee and set off back home rejuvenated and ready to go ahead and tackle the first day of the new year starting with taking down my Christmas directions. Fortified by coffee I put away my Charlie Brown Christmas tree, took down my cards saving those with a personal message, and cleared my bookcase of random Christmas knick knacks. To be honest, I was surprised I no longer had pangs of wistfulness at a holiday season already in my rear-view, but in my spirit I really believe 2012 is going to be a year of positive transition for me and hopefully my family. I’m signing off now so I can thoroughly enjoy the remainder of my vacation which ends at bedtime tonight…now that is some blues for you BUT I will resist the urge to go there! Now where’s the rest of my champagne?

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