Place: Mount Vernon-mid-town Baltimore neighborhood in the heart of the historic district

Radius: One square block from my quaint little honeycomb hideout apartment

Event: A Monumental Occassion, or at least that’s what the city calls this jump-off to the Christmas season.

Vendors: Don’t know specifics but on my walk home I saw all kinds of goodies, from baked cinammon buns, to local restaurant fare which ranged from crab cake offerings to hotdogs. Alcohol is available as is coffee and hot cider

Who I can expect to see? Everyone who lives in this neighborhood, a bunch of professional 20-somethings on dates and married 30-somethings with their kiddies, and some of us single 30-somethings imbibing just a little too much and maybe saying too loudly how we’re so happy we don’t have any kids to tote around with us, let’s not forget the smartly dressed middle-aged and seniors who are really taking it all in.

Will animals be there? Most definitely, every owner with a tiny yip-yip will be in this crowd of people trying to hold their dog in their purse, bicycle basket, or tucked under their arm.

What I can expect to see? The small replica of the Washington Monument (that’s some legit Bmore history) with lights strung vertically from the very top of the monument to its foundation. Followed by some fireworks…it’ll be a blaze of glory. Not as exciting but also on the scene will be carol’ers dressed in old town garb pretty much being ignored.

…and now to relax for an hour before striking out amongst this crowd on this crisp December evening.

*I took these pictures on a walk around my block post-work, including the picture of the rose which I took right when I walked in my back-gate…blooming roses in December…nice:)

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