Jeggings, Leggings and Tights, Oh My!

This fashion trend has all but used me up emotionally; I am so drained by this love of the jeggings, leggings and tights as pants trend. Women are wearing them both in the streets as well as the office.  Living in the city of Baltimore doesn’t help either, everybody under the sun from your soccer mom, to your urban chick, to the working professional feel the need to wear these things with everything and most of the time without the proper upper attire, which in a nutshell is anything that covers your ass. For my male readers who may be asking, ‘what the hell are jeggings?’ I’m happy to share they are the jean equivalent (I just realized I’m actually wincing as I type this!) of leggings, thus the brilliant collabo that became jeggings. So, let’s talk about why this isn’t appropriate gear outside of the home. Whether you are skinny or as my Mom says, ‘pleasingly plump’, there are no good reasons to wear jeggings and/or leggings. If you are too skinny it looks like two toothpicks sheathed in some color with a baggy seat, and if wearing the ever popular black, all bets are off because your legs might very well disappear altogether. Next up, if you have ‘healthy’ legs like myself, the fabric stretches and becomes shiny and transparent, revealing more than your need to change clothes. Jeggings, leggings and tights are all made to be worn under dresses or with tunics, but not shirts. Tunics typically reach the knees or right above the knees, at a minimum, they are the length of a mini-dress. Tunics do what shirts don’t, cover your ass! Let me tell you, I’ve seen high school girls running around Baltimore in leggings that look like tights, that’s right, tights… like the ones you wear in cold weather under your skirt. Many of these girls are in great shape and have the ‘video vixen’ figure, with no fat to be found anywhere, but with some of the backs you see on these girls, tight though they are, I silently cringe because they’re revealing too much. Not only are they rocking these non-pants, they’re doing so with half shirts on, looking like they’re wearing gym attire. Now I’ll lay off the high school girls a little bit, because they are young and if they’re lucky, are looking at the world as their oyster and not giving a damn about what I have to say, but let’s swivel that lens back to the 30 and up crowd who insist on wearing the same get-up as their teen and twenty-something counterparts…all I can do is shake my head and ask for you to please consider a longer shirt the next time you slap on a pair of those bad boys. I get it, they’re comfortable, but please oh please leave them out of the work place…can we at least make that deal? No more lumps, bumps and camel toe on the job. No more baggy asses from overly worn leggings whose thread counts are quivering with the effort to keep the seams together. No more seeing your panty lines. No more seeing your underwear pattern. No more thinking a blazer and five-inch stilettos with the jeggings, leggings, and tights are making them appear more professional…in fact that’s not the case at all. All of the above are fantastic reasons why being a slave to trends is not a good look, I’m just sayin!

*Disclaimer: Today I saw one too many jeggings, leggings, and tights and clearly it was too much for me to handle.

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