Fall is Here!

So that exclamation point after the title might lead one to believe I am exuberant about fall, which is not the case this year only because the segue-way between summer and fall kind of blurred in August and most of September due to tropical storms muddying the lines. I was hoping for one last hurrah in the sun, heading to my friend’s apartment complex-they have a  pool- before Labor Day weekend slow-roasting under the sun (with my SPF of course), getting my last splash of color and heading into fall with arms wide open. Clearly that wasn’t the case, the end of summer has been a washout and fall is officially here, so rather than lament what seems to be its early arrival weather-wise I’ll go ahead and embrace it since after all it is my favorite season.

I think my love of this transitional season comes natural since I was born in October. I love how, particularly if summer was a scorcher, the weather shifts ever so slightly. On the first morning I wake up to crisp morning air tinged with a slight chill, my body hungrily drinks it in, the fresh air filling my lungs like a syringe and plunging it through my body purging the last vestiges of summer malaise causing a burst of energy, a scattering of the summer-fun cobwebs from my brain a and clarity to my thoughts. At these times I miss being in school, college to be specific. Sarah Lawrence is in Westchester Co right outside NYC, so on fall mornings when I had an internship in Spanish Harlem, I would relish the slight briskness in the air as I walked to the train station because it filled with me anticipation of the day to come. Riding the Metro North to the 125th street stop I would eagerly stare at the winding loops leading into the city, eyeing the hubbub below, enjoying watching people move with a purpose, noticing the fashion transitions: tank tops giving way to jean jackets, bare necks now laced with thin scarves, bare legs now covered in tall boots, long pants, or tights. Remembering all of this, I can conjure the crackle of renewed energy in the air like fall leaves underfoot; I want that feeling back, the one that inspires me and leads me closer to a purpose, a goal, a plan.

I know I don’t sound too optimistic right now but please know that I am hopeful, just feeling thoughtful. Baltimore has such a different energy from NY, it is very much a zombie-land thanks to the severe heroin problem that plagues this city, but there do exist bursts of energy, like raw jewels, in little pockets that you have to search for hence the city’s old moniker Charm City (we should so campaign to get this slogan back). Since to me fall is all about renewal, I’m going to challenge myself to go to new museums, restaurants, theater venues and other yearly city events to reinvigorate my point-of-view. I look forward to sharing some of those experiences here. If you are a Baltimore resident and you hear of an event that sounds interesting, please let me know, I’m open to suggestions.

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