Black Women in the Arts

Yesterday I went to the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA)in DC to see the Magnetic Fields exhibit which per the exhibit site “…celebrates the contribution of black women artists and argues for their enduring relevance to American abstraction.”

One of my homegirls put this on our calendar almost a month ago. Truth be told the grey, rainy weather did not put me in the mood to leave my comfy pad in Baltimore and get on the train. As usual when I’m ready to be lazy, but actually rally, I tend to have a good time. Yesterday was no exception. On top of the fabulous exhibit, I got to peruse the DC Art Book Fair  which was happening at NMWA as well. Art & Music provide me with spiritual sustenance; I’m so thankful for this day.

“Magnetic Fields” runs until January 21, 2018 so get there asap. First Sundays of the month are free so mark your calendar!

art_magnetic fields wall

Here are some pics I took of pieces that particularly fascinated me:

art_maren hassinger2

Artist: Marren Hassinger, Wrenching News, 2008

Response to Hurricane Katrina

art_maren hassinger1.jpg

Wrenching News close up


Artist: Kianja Strobert, Charmer, 2016


Charmer close-up


Artist: Gilda Snowden, Imaginary Landscape, 2006


Artist: Brenna Youngblood Forecast, 2014


Artist: Shinique Smith,  Bale Variant No. 0017, 2009


Bale Variant 0017 closeup

art_brenna youngblood_yardguard.jpg

Artist: Brenna Youngblood, Yardguard, 2015

art_barbara chase-riboud

Artist: Barbara Chase-Riboud, Zanzibar/Black 1974-1975

art_barbara chase-riboud2

Zanzibar/Black closeup

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