It’s about to go down!

…aka getting my MFA!

It all started here…

I can’t believe it, after 4 years I am finally graduating from my MFA program at University of Baltimore. I dug around to find some relic from the beginning, those early uncertain days in late August of 2012. I landed on this, the books required for my very first memoir and creativity classes. Yep ya heard me right, creativity. This picture represents my beginning, and the one below represents the fruit of my labor. 


Sonic Memories,  my book of personal essays will arrive on my doorstep Monday or Tuesday. This creative writing & publishing program has allowed me to unearth talents I did not know I had like learning how to use Adobe Creative Suite, better understand typefaces and and being confident workshopping/editing others work. I’m so very tired, but thought it worthwhile to pause for a moment and enjoy feeling pleased with myself. I struggle with that sometimes, mostly because I don’t want people to think I’m full of myself, but this is a momentous occasion and warrants a pause for the cause.

Have you ever experienced a moment where you felt pride in your work but felt like you shouldn’t share the news with others? If so, why?

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