A Book Journey: Week One

So here it is folks! A picture of multiple copies of my manuscript along with feedback from my lovely memoir team. Let the revisions begin…

This is my brain post thesis class last night. A blur.

This was the eerie reality to my 10:30 arrival at home after having been in class since 5:30. The fog was creepy thick. 

Yeah Yeah, so getting out of thesis class, however late is a good problem to have. I know that. I’m moved to post about this moment-in-time  because I want to be able to see the many steps I’ll make along the way to self-publishing my first book. Last night I workshopped my manuscript.  It went really well but there are still miles to go before I sleep. 

As a class, all of us are responsible for reading the entire manuscripts of our groups, then writing detailed editorial letters for each and then revising our own work. Simultaneously we have to begin to get back into the graphic design, adobe creative suite groove while really considering how we want our book covers to look down to the tiniest detail including the spine. A lot right? Yes. But this is oh so good and I don’t want to take a moment for granted.

Back in September I wrote some words for my brother’s wedding entitled “From I Never to I Do.” In it I wax poetic about the many times he’d said he’d “never” move to NYC. Years later he received a job offer and now he lives there. I tease him, if he’d never moved there he’d never have met his husband. 

Stay with me…what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been flirting with being a writer and then with whether or not I should call myself a writer for years. I never dreamed I’d write a book one day. Writing a book was a far-off fleeting dream akin to waiting to see a pig fly. Today I can say this dream I didn’t even know I had is finally becoming a reality. I plan to track the stages leading to the final product here. I hope you’ll take a look, send a shout-out, and offer suggestions to help me along the way.

P.S. Dear Friends & Family, remember that blurry picture up there? My brain on thesis? Yeah, take a look at that and know I’m going to be hella busy until the warm weather months. Don’t unfriend me or write me off…I’ve got work to do, good work! I’ll be ready to party like a rockstar in the summer, you might even wish you didn’t know me when freedom rings again.



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