Fight The Power

Before the summer ends I want to share a City Paper article I just got around to reading today about Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing. This past June marked the 25th anniversary which means I was a mere 13 years old when it hit theaters. I didn’t get to see the 20 foot tall Rosie Perez gettin’ it, nor did I get to hear Fight the Power on movie theater speakers but that movie punched me in the chest anyway.  

One scorching July day about five summers ago, my cousin and I decided it was so hot we had to watch it THAT day so we ran out and picked up some tequila oranges and limes and made some fresh margaritas. We enjoyed them in the cool darkness of my basement apartment disappearing into Bedstuy for a few hours.

People still debate the merits or lack thereof of this masterpiece. I always appreciate the discussion. I’m so glad I stumbled across his 25th anniversary block party in Fort Green; I got to meet Spike, get a cool book signed and hear a DJ take me back to my high school and college years with Naughty by Nature, EPMD, and Tribe Called Quest. I am mad that I missed the real block party the following week with actual performances; I’m just happy I got to be there at all.

Check out this fantastic piece written by D. Watkins and Lee Gardner. Love the juxtaposition of race and age between the two.

Fight The Power

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