Listen to my ‘Hair’ Story at The Stoop (Too), Baltimore’s Storytelling Series


The Windup Space stage, where all the magic happened!

So second year of grad school is all done and I’m particularly excited because I challenged myself by taking a storytelling class. Last year around this time I was taking a magazine writing elective with my teacher Marion Winik, on the last day of class she asked us if we might be interested in a storytelling class. My first instinct was ‘YES!’ and then fear immediately overcame me and I forgot all about it, until spring 2014 registration opened and there it was, storytelling. ‘YES!’ Yep, same reaction and same immediate reaction so before I could talk myself out of it I promptly signed up and I’m ecstatic I did. This past semester has been one of the best since coming to school. Not only did storytelling teach me more about being succinct when writing, it also opened up a new way for me to communicate to folks. I’m a chatty chic by nature so a venue like this should be a dream. Of course it is a bit difficult to get up in front of strangers and tell an intimate story in minutes, but that’s what I did at the end of April at The Stoop, a storytelling series in Baltimore. There is mainstage Stoop at Center Stage where guests are asked to tell a seven minute story and then The Stoop Too which is solely based off audience members throwing their hat in the ring and having their names pulled out of a bag to tell an impromptu story.

Back in January when class first started I saw that The Stoop Too for April was about hair stories…I have plenty of those so I vowed to throw my name in the bag. I was all good until the week of the show and then bubble guts set in. The day of the show I tried to convince myself of reasons NOT to go and then had to get a grip. I decided to check out artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, of Stop Telling Women to Smile fame at The Chicken Box on N. Ave and then discovered the spot for my show was directly across the street at The Windup Space! I knew it was meant to be. I disentangled my nerves by listening to Tatyana talk about her work and then crossed the street and put my name in the hat. I went solo and it turns out no bubble guts, a few nerves, but a performance I’m proud of. I’m really just glad I followed through on an idea.

Listen to the audio from my hair story:

What’s your hair story?

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