TV ONE’s Unsung Taught Me I Love Disco!

I love love love TV One because of Unsung. Yes I said it, I sweat TV One HARD because that show is introducing me to artists whose music I’ve heard as the background soundtrack to my life. Recently I can’t get enough of Nile Rodgers and Chic. Before that Unsung episode aired I couldn’t even tell you Nile Rodgers’ name but apparently I’ve loved his music all these years. Oh yeah, I had no idea that he and his Chic partner Bernard Edwards produced Diana Ross’ iconic “Upside Down” and Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family.” Thanks to Spotify I’ve been gulping down those funky baselines and disco-infused jams. I’ve been revisiting “My Forbidden Lover” and “I Want Your Love.” I need to hit up some of the B-side stuff. I was the tender age of four when “My Forbidden Lover” was released in 1979. This song makes me want to put on makeup: cat eyes and a bold lip, slide a feathered roach clip into my wavy locs, throw on some fitted jeans, and a shoulders-out flowy shirt with some tall black skates with hot pink laces and wheels. I’m definitely having a skate party for my 40th; I got two more years to plan. I want lights out with a spinning disco ball. The music will be disco, eighties pop and hip-hop. I need to start looking for a DJ now! Anyone have recommendations? I wish I was in LA, I know Frane could deliver. THIS.IS.HAPPENING.

Listen to “My Forbidden Lover” and “We Are Family” 

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