A Beauty Tip Brought to You By Moi (say it like Miss Piggy)

Yes, if you have been a reader of my blog since its inception you know how much I adore Miss Piggy. If you don’t know check out I Heart Miss Piggy, you won’t regret it! So it’s springtime and at least today it feels like it, although it’s gloomy and rainy, but my skin is still in winter mode, which means dry. I have my Dad and maternal grandmother, Mom-Mom (R.I.P. to you both) to thank for bequeathing me dry skin. Thanks to them I must slather homemade remedies (shea butter mixed with olive oil for smoothness) all over my hands, legs, and feet to ensure I don’t look like I’ve been rolling around in a pile of flour.

 So today I decide along with doing homework and planning for my entrepreneurial future, to do something to my raggedy fingernails I can’t afford to get manicured. Now a lady should always keep her cuticles cut, nails clean, and polish un-chipped which is why I finally broke down and gave myself a manicure. My awesome once-a-year nail technician, Ashlynn of Salon on the Avenue in White Marsh, taught me how to tame my dry ass cuticles, instead of soaking in soapy water, she soaked my cuticles in oil! I looked at her like she was crazy and blurted out, “Why are you soaking my nails in oil?” She was like, “Why would I soak them in water when they are so dry?” Ok, so that makes sense, once she was done my cuticles looked like they belonged on someone else’s hand, which is why today I soaked my paws in some olive oil–smells good and works just as well as cuticle oil. The image you see above is the aftermath of my at-home mani. I painted my nails and trolled through the hallowed halls of Spotify to relive the eighties.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, being a chick with champagne tastes and kool-aid money means doing things for yourself; for me that means at home manis/pedis except for my annual ‘welcome to summer’ or special occasion visit to Ashlynn. It also means rummaging through my kitchen cupboards to find what I need and today that was olive oil.

What are your beauty home remedies? 

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