Book Arts & Bamboo Earrings

Check out my collage for class. The images above are borrowed from the “Carpe Denim” spread (p. 244) in the November 2013 edition of Marie Claire

I’ve been working all day to learn a Turkish fold so I can create a book for my book arts class. If you’re interested in what that would look like, check out this quick YouTube tutorial: After a few rough drafts I feel confident that at least for today I can recreate this fold style, reminiscent of pop-up books; so exciting! 

After grasping the Turkish fold, I applied applied images and text for my book using the theme ‘lost’. Well that turned out to be easy since I lost an earring from a set of hoops made  made for me eight years ago by my friend (shout-out to J. Canning!) They were my bamboo earrings! Let me school you about the bamboos, they are cited in L.L. Cool J’s “Around the Way Girl.”** Nuff said! Check mine out: 

I lost one of these earrings. Afraid I’d only have one forever I tried to choke down my heartache. I discovered the loss when I ran my fingers through my hair, snagging them on a strand tangled in the hook of my left hoop. This didn’t happen on the other side so I patted my earlobe realizing the other was m.i.a. I checked my scarf, the inside collar of my coat, my pockets, the walkway to my car, under my seat, nothing! I’d just left the MICA screening of “12 O’Clock Boys” so I wondered in horror, is it under the theater seat, in a bathroom stall? Days later when opening the passenger side door of my car  a twinkle caught my eye; it was one of the crystals sparkling in the noonday sun. Found!

So back to the first picture, my experience has been represented via collage and a few choice words for my book. The plan is to photocopy the collaged piece for folding dexterity, then create my book boards for class on Tuesday. This has been a fun project mostly because I’m being me and not checking for what other folks are doing. A little background on that introspection: when it comes to visual art, it is not my go-to skill so I historically have always looked at someone else’s skill and felt like I had none. Then I realized we all have a unique perspective just like we all have unique DNA. So instead of making my lost book some ‘deep thoughts’ piece I embraced my love for my hand-made bamboos gifted to me by friend. Sparkly jewelry is a thing for me. 

I’m signing off so I can get a little rest and relaxation before the week begins. (muttering under breath) We really should get 3 days off and 4 days on, I just start feeling like me by day’s end on Sunday.

***Here’s a treat to get you through the rest of the weekend:

LL Cool J’s video for “Around the Way Girl”:

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