35 & Up Problems: The Fan, a Necessary Accessory

I have a problem.

I’m hot.

I sweat,


even on a not-so-hot day

fresh out of the shower.

If there’s a whisper of humidity

then mountain dew*

springs forth 

speckling skin 

in dampness.

So now I arm myself.

I carry a fan.

I prefer folding fans for convenient carriage


you can get a good wind going with a wicker church fan.

I’m not alone.

My friends and I 

carry fans to the club or the backyard bbq

whether by manicured hand, metallic clutch, buttery leather shoulder bag, or monogrammed wristlet.

Is this normal?

Is it our age?

Am I skidding into perimenopause?


Are we all just hot-blooded women?

I prefer the latter.

In the summer I won’t leave home without it.

I’m hot 

I sweat,

no matter the season. 

A fan, like a book

is a necessary item I won’t leave home without.

*mountain dew, my Grandmother Thelma’s description of chest sweat

Shout-out to Jen just over my shoulder in the pic…I don’t think she’s crossed over into the 35&up club, notice she is not carrying a fan;-)

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