Confessions of a Chick Who Would Rather Watch Real Househusbands of Hollywood than Blog

I’ve been a bad blogger. Correction, I’ve been so consumed by school that I struggle to find my inspiration as quickly as I used to. I also have a fascination with most things HBO and the RHO (insert every city but Miami) franchise. Note: I allow for OC due to their being the OGs of the Real Houswives crew. As usual, I digress, due to all of the above I haven’t regularly posted since September. Is that bad? (insert faux serious tone) You’d think because I’m getting my MFA in creative writing that I’d be full of all kinds of beautiful prose and literary poignancy, but noooo, I can turn it on for assignments but when it comes to good ‘ol, say what I want writing, I’m now at a bit of a standstill. I can’t wait to get my mojo back so I can stop feeling like a fake-writer; ya know, the kind that would rather talk about it than be about it. Perhaps I’m too hard on myself, or I make too many excuses. I guess I have to go back to subjecting y’all to every random thought that snakes through my brain, however brilliant or nonsensical. Now for a haiku reflecting my current state:

 Cloying inertia

trapped in the amber resin

of my worn out brain

In other news…Real Househusbands of Hollywood is HA-sterical! The reunion show is on tap for tonight thanks to good ‘ol DVR. 

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