Ditching the Adult and Finding the Child

Hello Kitty pencil case, markers, crayons, glue sticks, construction paper, stickers and scissors are just some of the supplies needed for my creativity class, my foundational course for my MFA program. I used all of the above for our assignments this past week which consisted of bird watching, beginning to copy a poem into our journals in non-linear ways or in both linear and non-linear ways, and taking ‘accidental’ photos-meaning don’t look through the viewfinder.

Tonight in class I realized it’s not about safe, it’s not about making sense, it’s about playing with the norm. I took accidental pictures last week while driving in my car (bad), while walking around my job, on my walk to class, in my backyard, and in a parking garage. We had to choose one to share in the class and me, trying to be little miss ‘look what I can do’ like Stewart of Mad TV, decided to show one I took by my job on the water. I liked it and labeled it ‘the accidental fishbowl’, it looked too perfect and our professor flew right by it. Why didn’t I use the random shot out of my car window? It was more interesting. It’s because my brain is still orderly and neat and this class is about wrecking shop and having fun. I think this class needs a Beastie Boys soundtrack something chaotic sounding and stripped down. I don’t know the titles of their songs well but perhaps a little tour around Spotify and I can come up with a few that would explode my imagination.

In other news, next week’s assignment, in part, is to do one thing differently each day, whether it be to put on clothes differently…hmmmm…don’t think I’m doing that one but I will drive a different route to work…this might be harder than I thought!

Above are the pics I described above. 1) Is perfect patty 2) sons of anarchy

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