I Need a Theme Song or Day One of Class

I feel like I need a sound, like the Law & Order sound or the sound at the end of a scene right before commercial in 24…I need my own Cija sound but I’m not sure what that sound would be, but I keep thinking, hmmm, I need something strong! I’m taking my time with this one and will think on it, if I come up with something then I’ll be sure to share. So that whole ramble was to try to illustrate a sound that would show the immense pleasure I had in day one of class, 5:30-8:30 passed quickly and while the built-in cynic in me or possibly the Libra in me (weigh both sides) wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t find something to criticize I simply can’t and yeah I know it’s only day one of class but I don’t care, this one class was pivotal in pushing the creaky wheel in a new direction: this image is a total bite (totally did not mean that as a pun but noticed when I re-read) from True Blood, I just started the series and just got through the episodes where Lafayette is chained up in the basement of Fangtasia. Here’s the assignment that set everything off, while finishing up designing our own accordian style book to house our syllabus, our teachers advised us to take a break and get up, go outside and observe, they suggested looking above or below our normal eye level. I went outside, strolled down an alley and popped out on Charles Street near Mount Royal, and just sat on a stoop and looked up, here’s what I wrote:

Jay’s Deli building, above brownstone, gothic wrought iron balcony, rust colored with limed edges, topped by little green turret with a cross backed by blue sky, Rapunzel might live there if it was taller, building looks grand past tense, beneath are 2 bay windows the bottom one is laced with stone filagree.

This is gonna be good. Memoir class is Wednesday.

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