Brought A Tear to My Eye…

Tonight while watching the Nightly Newswith Brian Williams I was brought to tears by the story of Rebecca Beckwith, a little girl who for her 9th birthday party asked that in lieu of presents her friends donate money to a charity water campaign to help provide drinking water for her peers in Ethiopia. She set a goal of $300 and raised $280 by her 9th birthday and per the article set a goal to increase that amount before her tenth birthday. What happened next was heart-rending and warming all at once. This story made me feel so emotional because I was reminded of how neurotic and petty I can be at times and how much more I could do to impact the world around me, which is why I appreciate the Nightly News segment Making a Difference, it always rejuvenates my faith in humanity and warms the cold little core of my heart when my day to day interactions with others leaves me feeling a bit empty. Dramatic? Yes, but there are many days I marvel at the sheer volume of selfishness in humanity and if I’m honest I can’t place myself above the fray. Please read the following article and check out the video; this little girl’s story will melt your heart.

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