Day 1 of Vacay

*In my mind, I’m sitting on this California Beach; in reality I’m in Baltimore.

So I’ve totally been incognegro of late because I’ve been walking the tightrope that is my work life and new post-Memorial day work-out life which previously was null and void. My writing life kinda came to a stand-still for a week which isn’t cool. So today I decided to re-enter my blog by telling you the mundane activities that made up my first day of a week-long break from the jobbie. Here goes:

  1. Sunday night I stayed up until 2 am watching tv, starting with the first episode of the final season ofWeeds, which I have to say impressed me more than the last 2 seasons in one episode and that includes the opening credits. That crazy-ass Nancy Botwin and her clan are back at it…I absolutely do not want to share anything here in case anyone who cares hasn’t seen it yet. Per usual Uncle Andy has the best lines and perfect delivery. I followed Weeds with Aaron Sorkin’s newest show Newsroomon HBO, Jeff Bridges is so dayum talented and finally I cringed through an entire episode of Bill Maher’s show which, although cringe-worthy, was a way more refreshing way to hear current events discussed. At 2a.m. I laid down and read a few pages of Carole Radziwill’s memoir, ‘What Remains’ and if you were wondering, yes my interest was brought on by her being cast as one of the new Real Housewives of New York. I love how my fondness for some reality tv has actually yielded some intellectual pursuits.
  2. Enter Monday morning. Yep it almost passed me by before I got up without having to peel my eyes open to the sound of the alarm clock. The time was 11:32; I was a happy camper.
  3. I made breakfast at noon: egg and potatoe hash with bacon a waffle and 2 cups of coffee. I ate my brunch while continuing to read afore-mentioned book which is breath-taking by the way. As a soon-to-be MFA student I’m trying to fit in as much FUN reading as I can to get ideas of different styles. I have my own but you can always learn from others…just no copying!
  4. On to chores or rather chore. Today I decided to switch out my winter clothes and store them while simultaneously pulling out my summer clothes and neatly placing them in my drawers. The upside? My drawers aren’t disorganized for now AND I found 2 things I’ve been looking for over the past few weeks: my black pair of yoga pants and my tan (or as I like to call it baby-doll leg colored) compression stocking for Puffy. Editorial Note: Puffy is what I call my lower left leg as it is prone to swelling from a baseball injury from when I was child, so now I’m a compression stocking lifer. Puffy may be mentioned in future blogs from time to time so it’s important to know its origins.
  5. Next feeling footloose and fancy-free I check the time, it’s 4pm and I haven’t been to work all day!!!!!! Still so happy, that above chore would be a painful chore if done on a weekend prior to having to go back to the jobbie. So back to it’s 4pm and I decide I need a pre-gym snack. I have some cottage cheese (boring but protein aka energy) and then I end up having a few wholegrain tortilla chips and some homemade salsa which is slamming. I’m ready for the gym.
  6. Hit the gym before I have to meet the fitness coach for a small group session. Am going hard on the row machine working up a sweat, hoping my form is on-point when I spot coach and my team and get going on that work-out
  7. Boy is it grueling. He believes in torture in the guise of lunges, squats, planks, side-planks, and for me the always dreaded push-ups…apparently my body weight traumatizes my arms and there’s always a little shaking going on as I try to hoist my body up and keep good form at the same time. After this coach makes me and another group member race eachother on the rowing machine; she wins.
  8. I call my little sister as I always do after the gym since she’s the one who regularly works out in the Jefferson Clan. She cheers me on, we catch up on the weekend and I hit the shower at home.
  9. I’m now about to make one of the turkey burgers I prepped before I left home. As I’m writing this I realize I don’t have a bun so guess I’ll end up eating it by its lonesome. No worries I got a pickle and some smoked out Stubbs BBQ sauce. I’ll eat up my little bit of squash sautee and call it a day.
  10. On my agenda for this evening? Real Housewives of NJ on DVR. I do believe RHWNY or Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will also be on tonight so I’m going to happily sit here and take it all in with no shame. Quick Note: I really love to hate Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, it seems sooooo scripted like beyond the usual ‘reality’ show scripting. It’s painful but I want to be part of the conversation so I refuse to not watch this…now Single Girls on the other hand…just can’t do it!

I have no idea what’s on tomorrow’s agenda, but I’ll be sure to share.

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