Grown & Sexy Happy Meal Toy?

Quick Rant: I had myself a cheeseburger happy meal tonight from Mickey-Ds (I so wish In-N-Out would head East), since I’m a girl I decided to go for the girl toy and boy was I disgusted. I thought these toys were for kids and yeah maybe some tweens get a happy meal or even a grown azz woman like myself, but the toy pictured above threw me for a loop. It might look harmless at first glance-not really to me, what child should wear a choker, doesn’t the word ‘choker’ seem a little much for a young child?-but the song that blasts out of that big ugly star piece pendant is even worse: ’ Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! My best friend’s brother is the one for me!’ Yep let that waft over you like a cool breeze in the shade of a big gorgeous palm tree overlooking the ocean…yeahhh that’s right…then let it settle in as you start to drift into a comfortable post-homemade pina colada fuzz, your vision going softly blurry as you begin to relax then imagine one of your nieces dropping their plastic cup of icewater on your feet and maybe you get the idea of how startled I was by the lyrics of the song. Clearly from the off-center sticker on the pendant, the show Victoriousunder the Nickelodeon umbrella inspired this happy meal toy. My problem? The main character on this show is in high school so her singing about crushing on her best friend’s brother is not disturbing; what is disturbing is giving this toy to my seven and three year old nieces and hearing them sing it. Thumbs down McDonald’s! I so wish I could easily record sound right from here so I could plug in the toys audio and you could share in my horror.

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