Brenda & Cija’s Day of Fuuuunnnn! Hangin with the homie after work by my jobbie! For absolutely free (minus the OG grape/strawberry Nerds I enjoyed) we strolled around the Inner Harbor which for Baltimore locals is not a hang-out spot, but guess what, we had a funky good time. We met up at the Aquarium, side-stepped a 9/11 memorial in front of Baltimore’s World Trade building that included limestone from the Pentagon, polished black granite for PA, and a large piece of twisted metal from the Twin Towers. After being a bit startled by that, we strolled past the water front sun warming our head and shoulders and made for the new candy shop filled with outrageously massive sizes of candy faves (hence the Nerds run). Next up we were simply catching up sitting on a low wall when we spied a show at the pavilion which turned out to beUnicycle Lady. This woman was super-talented dancing and standing on her unicycle, juggling, dressing up in costumes and mixing it up with the music from the famed Rocky song to Lady Gaga. All in all a pleasant evening of good conversation and low coinage!

Check out Unicycle Lady’s site; she had a really awesome vibe:

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