Dishes to Madonna?

I didn’t set out to write a post about Madonna but I just finished washing dishes (see that sparkly sink above) and decided to plop down in my easy chair and check out Spotify while looking at my dashboard. Apparently last time I perused Spotify I was trying to check for some newer Madonna albums; to be perfectly frank the last one I was into was Confessions On A Dancefloor. Before that, the last one I loved was Music and before that…who even knows, I had to buy her second ‘best of’ collection, GHV2, just to cover lost ground from Bedtime Stories to American Life.Now I’m trying to use Spotify to check out some of her newer albums: Hard Candy and Celebration, in fact right now I’m listening to herSticky & Sweet Touralbum but I had to take a break to watch an oldie but goodie music video…drum roll…Borderline. 

Remember how gritty Madonna was during those early days in the 80s. I remember being between 6 and 8, hungrily drinking up that video, wishing I was her in all her make-up’ed, punk rock’ed, lace-gloved, boy crazy glory! I couldn’t get enough and that little bonnet with the big bow in the front…whaaaat? I was sick with jealousy, I wanted to slap one on my nappy hair and hope that maybe our hair would look the same, or correction, my hair would look like hers. My Mom would be pained by this little admission, I can hear her now, ‘Ugghhh, Cija!’ 

As I type this I wonder at the fact that I was watching a Madonna music video at this tender young age but I distinctly remember living in Utah (that’s a whole other story that I remember quite well despite my youth) which means I was no older than 8 since I turned 9 shortly after my family’s move back to Maryland. I digress though, so back to Madonna in the 80s, there was nothing she could do wrong. I was mesmerized by her. I could tell she was the kind of chick that didn’t give a damn and it showed; she seemed totally fearless. Me and my sister used to lip synch to Madonna songs, copy her dance moves and generally ache to be her. When you’re young you really have no concept of ‘doing you’, you just know this person has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ you can’t put your finger on and you wish you did too. Clearly I’m a fan and yes I have drifted off into other musical genres (grunge/alternative in highschool, ‘back-pack’ rap in college) for awhile but I always float back to Madonna. I do love her earlier albums and still cherish them but as a fan I feel kinda like I’m cheating since I missed a couple of big chunks of her work, but trust and believe I’m still diggin this chick and the fact she’s still going hard post 50. I’m going to give her newest albumMDNAa whirl thanks to Spotify!

I’m actually slowing down and getting tired, probably because I did all that manual labor and have yet to eat dinner, so I’m gonna go eat and if you’re inclined enjoy this oldie but goodie music video here goes, re-introducing Borderline:

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