Saturday…wish it was exciting as that De La Soul song*

Ahhhhh I just slipped my hooves into a warm tub of water with some minty fizzy thing shaped like a snowflake thrown in for good measure. Sitting here now with my feet sitting idle in the water, only my curling toes making any waves I’m starting to understand why someone would go spend the money on a foot bath with jets and the ability to keep water at a stable temperature. My feet are soaking and I’m typing away with the smell of baking brownies in the background…don’t get excited I’m taking them with me to a friend’s house tomorrow, so will not violate the pan tonight. I didn’t set out for today to be a beauty day but that’s what it’s turned into.  I started off doing laundry, which I hate because I have to go out into the world to do it. I always struggle with just getting there, but like the gym, once you go you’re always glad you did. See laundry is part of beauty day because if you have no clothes left and you’re wearing something from your pile of ‘fringe’ underwear -no not literally fringe, more like fringe in The Outsiders kind of way-those pairs that are now just a smidge too small or might have a wee hole in a non-compromising area, then it’s time to do laundry. My point here is if your choices of clothing are severely limited because they’re all in the hamper then there’s no amount of lip-gloss that’ll make you feel better, hence my trip to the laundromat today. Next I came home and beautified the kitchen; I don’t have a dishwasher or a maid, soooo as soon as I put away my laundry I was off to the kitchen putting in work. Finally done with dishes I decided to keep the good times rolling and wash, twist and curl my hair…side bar I have locs so the extra curling step took me from my normal hour to hour and a half to damn near 3 hours…I was not happy! I am happy now though because it’s done and I kinda resemble Pippi Longstocking (pipe cleaners and locs equal pretty ringlets the next day but look crazy while in). Uh-oh water has moved to tepid, so this whole relaxation foot bath thing might turn on me so before it does I have to sign off and get to clipping the toenails, an unglamorous but necessary job…I might ride this ‘let my toenails breathe from nail polish’ vibe a bit longer although the call of the wild -I always paint my toes, all year long, it’s my secret beauty thing that makes me feel good- is at my door step asking me to polish my toes…if only I had been able to cop that Muppet OPI nail polish…my faves: Pepe’s Purple Passion for matte and for glittery good times Miss Piggy’s Divine Swine! If anyone hears of any spot that is still carrying it let me know. Actually that little tangent just made the decision for me…I’ma let the toenails breathe a little bit longer until I re-up on a bangin-ass color. Well I’m signing off for the evening so I can finish my beautification and move on to the wild card segment of the evening…

*Check out the De La Soul video…I hope your Saturday was like this!

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