Me Today

It’s Saturday around 5pm and I am just now ready to sit down and chill out, what took me so long? A clean up bender that was one part self-grooming and one part house cleaning, both of which I did not intend to spend my Saturday doing. I woke up this morning with one of those mild tension headaches that comes from intensive teeth grinding; I had no idea I was on the way to grinding my already small teeth (thank goodness I don’t have massive gums or else I would look like trick or treat) into nubs until my last visit to the dentist. Even wearing my prescribed night guard doesn’t prevent me from clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth but I guess it allows me the cushion I need to not fuse my jaw together. Anyhoo you can see why I wasn’t particularly keen to do anything this morning, I just wasn’t up to, but eventually I had to get up. I try to be one of those people who lolls about in the bed all day reading and taking calls but I just can’t do it; I either have to get up immediately take a shower and head out or I have to get up and take a shower to rinse the sleep cobwebs and loosen my body then make breakfast and begin my day. Today I woke up and tried to read but my headache persisted so finally I got up and took a shower but wasn’t sure what to do with myself so mid-shower I decided to wash my hair. Now this may sound like what’s the big deal, you washed your hair, but if you are a black female who does not rock the sexy short natural then you know exactly what I mean, washing my hair means a dedication of a couple of hours. Beginning my day by washing my hair set the pace for what has become my day. I got that out of the way and then made breakfast, just letting my hair dry until I was ready to twist it. After breakfast I twisted my hair for two hours that went by quickly thanks to some DVRed Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. I was feeling so fresh and so clean after I twisted my hair that I wanted my apartment to feel the same and that’s definitely not what was up when I looked at my sink full of dishes, so you know what came next, the cleaning frenzy: dishes, sweeping, bathroom. I’m the type who can have a chair in my office that holds my overflow of clothes from the week but I absolutely cannot abide a filthy kitchen or bathroom. I count it as some sort of achievement that my kitchen is spic and span and my bathroom smells citrusy and no longer has tooth paste splatter on the mirror. This may seem small but for me a clean house means I can write, watch tv, sit in silence, or go out and chill with some friends knowing that when I come home my space is clean and welcoming. When I woke up this morning I didn’t know where the day would take me but I’m glad it has turned out the way it did because I’m feeling prrreetttyyyy prrreetttyyyy prettty good (say it like Larry David) right now. I do have one more self-grooming task I’m debating about doing…busting out the Ped Egg and attacking the heels of my feet…not cute when those joints get rugged and rough and even though it’s not technically pedicure season it does not mean we should let our hooves go just because we’re not wearing open-toe shoes. Hmmm, I think I’ll do that now, which is leading me to another self-grooming task, painting my fingernails but I’m too impatient to let them dry AND I’m not inspired because the Muppet nail polish I want is nowhere to be found dammit! Sorry about that little outburst…I’m off to do the chilling I’m sitting here writing about. Have a fun Uptown Saturday night ya’ll!

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