Christmas Potluck Pillaging

I want to dedicate this posting to my friend R.N. (she knows who she is!) who is relentless in her pursuit of free food; mercifully she is shaped like a whippet so this happens to be endearing.

I forgot my lunch today and didn’t realize my department was buying us lunch so there was a brief panic-at-the-disco moment when I wondered if I would have to go out and buy lunch at one of the bland yet pricey spots immediately surrounding my building. Turns out there was no reason to be concerned because today I was overjoyed to discover Christmas potluck pillaging. See, it’s like this, while in the trenches multi-tasking trying to get all of my work done prior to my time off next week, I found time to ear-hustle and take in my surroundings and what I gathered is that there were a lot of potlucks in the building today. That being noted, my aforementioned partner-in-crime gathered ‘data’ and parsed information to ensure she could clarify who made what dishes for FDA approval. By the time our lunch hour hit we cruised the halls checking empty meeting rooms for abandoned yet still fresh food and came across potlucks still in progress. Although we thought about taking the ‘Wedding Crashers’ approach to things, we remembered we were not on a college campus somewhere but rather 30-something year old women at work. Speaking of college, did anyone else frequent every art opening on campus, like myself, mostly to scavenge free box wine and some cheese and crackers? I have no shame and clearly that has followed me on up into my 30s. Back to today. We final stumbled across a potluck jackpot thanks to some good primary reference intel and boy was it beautiful. The table was laden down with homemade cookies, cupcakes, seven-layer taco dip, rotisserie chicken, pulled pork, and chips just to name a few things. In all honesty I was so busy glancing across the entire table that I couldn’t take everything in.  Now my girl R.N. immediately went to work, managing to mentally sift through the available items and put together a pretty comprehensive plate. I, Miss Nervous Nelly, was looking for homemade goods so ended up only getting 2 chocolate drop cookies…I’m ashamed…I should have done better. I wanted to share pics of our experience today. Enjoy and if tomorrow at work you have an opportunity to not be wasteful aka Christmas potluck pillage, it is your civic duty to ensure that no food item goes uneaten.

Picture 1: A sign beckoning us

Picture 2: The room beckoning us

Picture 3: Pirate’s booty

Picture 4: Cookie!

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